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Bozeman's Exotic Pet Store

Welcome to The Viv, where reptile and aquatic enthusiasts find a curated selection of lizards, snakes, fish, feeders, and insects. We take pride in our commitment to animal welfare, responsibly sourcing our creatures from reputable breeders.


We consistently offer bettas, an outstanding variety of nano fish, well-liked community fish, focal-point fish, and predatory species. Intriguing mollusks and invertebrates too! Moreover, we carry all the essentials for their upkeep and environments, such as live plants.


We offer an assortment of carefully chosen reptiles sourced from dependable breeders. Additionally, we provide feeders, substrates, enclosures, and more. Come visit Envy, our resident green tree python, among others.

Insects and Feeders

Our assortment includes a diverse array of insects and feeder rodents for purchase. Featuring Horn Worms, Phoenix Worms, Butter Worms, earthworms, and super worms. We also provide frozen rats and mice. Additionally, we carry dubia roaches, fruit flies, and crickets in stock. Please get in touch with us in advance to verify the availability of your desired items.

High Quality Supplies

We carry only the best supplies for your pets. We carry a wide selection of Bio Dude and other top quality supplies. We carry tanks, fish supplies, enclosures, living plants, substrate, etc.

Birthday Parties and Education Programs

At The Viv, it's not just about transactions; it's about exploration. Dive into our onsite education and experience programs, where you can engage firsthand with some of our remarkable animals. Our goal is to provide a space where both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers can connect with the fascinating world of reptiles, fostering understanding and respect for these extraordinary creatures.

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81305 Gallatin Road in Four Corners!

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